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SECRET #1: How To Guarantee Your Wedding Lives Up To Your Dreams.

Believe it or not, the photographer you select to photograph your wedding can make or break your wedding day.  Yes, I kid you not, your wedding day – not just your photographs!  Why?  Because he’s THERE – with you and your family, in person – interacting with all your family and guests – and representing you every minute.


Now, HONESTLY, we’re not just talking about photography here – we’re talking about YOUR WEDDING – how YOU FEEL on your wedding day, and how smoothly and romantically everything goes.  You see, your photographer determines this, by the way he helps you plan your wedding, the way he treats you and your loved ones, and the way he conducts himself throughout the day.


So here’s the secret:  Meet the photographer – IN PERSON – before you hire anyone to photograph your wedding!  Most brides don’t realize that many studios hire part time photographers to photograph their weddings for them – high school and college kids, friends, relatives, etc.  This means that you go to a studio, talk with a salesperson, look at their samples, and make a decision – without really knowing who will be photographing your wedding!


And if it’s not just the right person doing the photography, and interacting with all your family and guests, everything can be ruined!


So, when you’re talking with a potential studio, ask them the following questions:

  1.   Who did these photographs you are showing me?
  2.   Who, by name, will be photographing our wedding if we hire your studio?
  3.   We want to MEET this person, BEFORE we hire your studio.  

Then, when you meet this person, ask him or her the following questions:

  1.   How will you dress at my wedding?
  2.   Did you do ALL the samples of wedding photography we saw in the sample books? If not, show us YOUR work, please.
  3.   How long have you been photographing weddings?
  4.   How long will you be at my wedding?
  5.   Before you leave our wedding, who do you check with first to see if there’s anything else we would like you to do?
  6.   Do you work from a checklist of photos?  (You NEVER want a photographer who needs a checklist doing your wedding photography! He’ll spend all his time looking at the list, and miss all the wonderful, romantic and spontaneous moments of your wedding!)

Then, decide if you REALLY LIKE HIM, as well as his work! Because he or she going to be spending a lot of time with you and your family and friends, on your important day.

By the way, just so you know, here’s my answers to those questions:

I’m the ONLY photographer at my studio.  I will be photographing your wedding personally. I will dress in a nice suit (NOT A TUX, AND NOT JUST SLACKS AND A SHIRT!  I don’t want to take anything away from your groom and groomsmen and the fathers, and I also don’t want to dress casually, and not represent you professionally.)

I have been photographing weddings, as I mentioned earlier, for _____ years.  Can you fill in the blank?  Just checking to see if you’re paying attention!  It’s 25+ years!

I’ll be at your wedding until you, your husband (how exciting – your “husband!”), your parents, and your husband’s parents all say they have nothing else for me to do.  I NEVER will leave your wedding without checking with all of the above people!


I use no checklist.  Instead, I learn the names and relationships of all the members of your wedding party, and both families!  I refer to them by name, and I know their relationship to you, so I can be constantly watching for those special, magical and spontaneous moments that will be so meaningful to you to have photographs of!


The Single Most Important ‘Secret’ You MUST Know About Weddings!


Here’s a really big “secret” that almost no brides think about when interviewing a potential photographer:  What’s their guarantee?  What happens if you aren’t happy with the photography, or the way you and your friends were treated, or if the photographer left your wedding before he was supposed to, etc.


This is of the utmost importance!  The guarantee (make sure it’s in writing!) tells you just how committed they are going to be in taking good care of you, and doing a great job.

And, just so you know, here’ my IRON CLAD, 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE:

You will be THRILLED (not just ‘satisfied’) with how we represented you and your family at your wedding, and also THRILLED with your photographs, or we will do whatever necessary to have you be THRILLED with them, or we will return ALL YOUR MONEY. Period.  AND you may keep all the digital copies! No hard feelings either.  We want you to LOVE everything we do for you!


You see, we understand that you can’t do this over again. This is a “one-time-thing” and everything MUST be perfect!  You have our written guarantee that we’ll take really good care of you!

Here’s what my clients, Lindsey and Dan Beckwith had to say:

“Bill was totally unobtrusive, but managed to capture some of the most amazing shots…

like the one of the flower girl giving her dad a quick thumbs-up after making it down the aisle. Our pictures truly captured the feeling of the day, so that we can look back and truly know what it was like to be there.”

–Lindsey and Dan Beckwith, Cleveland, Ohio


An Important Warning:  Miss This Secret, And A Disaster Could Happen At Your Wedding!


I’m not exaggerating here. This seems so obvious, and yet brides miss this one all the time, and pay a BIG PRICE for it after their wedding!  Be sure the photographer has lots of happy brides and grooms, who have written him and told him how happy there were with both him, and his work! We’re talking TESTIMONIALS here! From real people, with their full names, and their city and state, so you can call them if you want to, just to “check them out” and make sure that they really said what the photographer says they said.  (That’s a hard sentence to read, but you get the point! Sorry!)


I’m sorry to be so skeptical, but we live in a time in history when you have to be really careful to be certain that people are telling you the truth.


You will notice that in these communications, there are photographs and testimonials from some of the brides and grooms whom we have been honored to work with on their wedding day.  Also notice that their FULL names, city and state are listed, so, if you really wanted to, you could look them up and call them.

Here’s what my clients, Antoine and Melissa Robinson had to say:

“Just wanted to let you know that Antoine and I received our album and ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!

It is such a unique creation and a great memento for us to keep over the years. We greatly appreciate your work and dedication!”

–Antoine and Melissa Robinson

Cleveland, Ohio

SECRET #4:  A Magic Way To Remember Your Wedding.


One of the things that you really want to look for in your photographer, is someone who is an EMOTIONAL STORY TELLER; an artistic photographer whose images combine to tell the EMOTIONAL STORY of your family, your friends, and your wedding day.  This is really important, if you are looking for photographs which will be PRICELESS to you for years and years to come!


And here’s why this is so important!  If an artist is an EMOTIONAL STORY TELLER, there’s a really good chance that he will be compassionate about not ruining the romance, beauty and emotions of your day.  You see, only a true romantic can truly understand how important this day is to you, and how perfectly you want it to go.


And a true romantic will be sensitive to NOT INTERFERING WITH THE EMOTIONAL ROMANTIC FLOW OF YOUR DAY! I could tell you so many horror stories here.

But let me just mention one so you understand how important this is.


Back when I was just starting out in photography, I heard about a photographer who was hiding behind some flowers up at the altar (something that I will NEVER do!) and he dropped a lens on the marble floor with a huge crash, and then swore out loud so loud that everyone heard it!  (He obviously wasn’t a romantic EMOTIONAL STORY TELLER or he wouldn’t have ruined the romance and religious significance of the ceremony by hiding behind flowers where everyone could see him come and go – and, of course, there is NO excuse for profanity!)


So, looking for a romantic, EMOTIONAL STORY TELLER, who will beautifully tell the story of your love for each other, and for your family and friends, will also result in someone who will respect you and your wishes, and conduct himself in only the most professional and friendly way, because he understands in the most intimate way, the importance of the “Story of Your Wedding Day.” And, by the way, my brides tell me that they really love the way I emotionally tell the story of their wedding day.

Here is what my clients, Karin and Matt Hostelly, of Lakewood, Ohio had to say:

“Bill made it fun and allowed us to enjoy our day without all the hassle of constantly posing. His style is very laid back and natural. He even led us to an exclusive spot where we could capture a

unique view of the city!

SECRET #5:  The Truth About Wedding Photographers Revealed. What They Don’t Want Me To Tell You!


It is not my intention to say anything bad about any other photographers in the area.  I know most of them personally, and count many of them as my friends.  However, it is really important that I alert you, in this website to some of the problems that you otherwise would never know about.

Well, here’s a “biggie.”

Most photographers will cram as many weddings into a day as they humanly can.  Many times, this means they must rush from your wedding, to get to another, and then rush from that one, to get to another.


This type of photographer just isn’t going to be able to capture the EMOTIONS, ROMANCE, LOVE, AND RELATIONSHIPS between you and your husband (doesn’t that sound exciting?!  Your “husband!”) and also between you and your family and friends.  He’s just won’t have the sensitivity and enthusiasm and love for what he does to be able to capture those feelings.  And he won’t have the time or energy.


You Won’t Believe This, But I Assure You, It’s True!


For example, I won’t mention any names here, but I once knew a photographer who photographed so many weddings in a single day, that the only way he could remember the names of the bride and groom at each wedding was to write their first names on masking tape, and stick it to the back of his camera! Not only that, but if he had, say five weddings, he would simply stack layers of masking tape on the back of the camera, and as he left one wedding for the next, he would just rip off that layer, and the next couples names were now showing!  I swear to you this is true!

By the way, I ONLY photograph ONE wedding per day.


You get me for the ENTIRE DAY.  I understand how important this day is to you, and I am there for you!

This also means that I’m rested and energetic. It also means I’m enthusiastic about what I will be doing for you.  As I mentioned earlier, I photograph weddings because I LOVE them, not because I have to do them.  And since I only photograph one wedding a day, I’m not tired or “burned out on your important day.”

Frequently, I get nice comments sent to me by the parents of the bride and groom. Read what bride’s mom, Nancy Studebaker had to say on the next page:

I would welcome the opportunity to chat with you about your wedding. Please call me at 216-524-2524.

“I am SOOO happy with our album!!!  You done good!!!

I took it to a girls’ night out, and the “word” is out now! It got so many “oohs and ahs” and–

“why would anyone look for another photographer?”

Thank you so much, Bill!!!”

-Nancy Studebaker             

(Mother of the Bride)

SECRET #6:  A Remarkable Secret To Truly Enjoying Your Wedding Day, And Having It Filled With Wonderful, Emotional Moments!


This is so important!  Be sure the photographer you hire has a “team” approach to taking good care of you on your day.  This means that he isn’t going to be trying to work alone to photograph your important day.


You see, doing a really super, romantic, EMOTIONAL STORY of your day requires a huge amount of planning, care, and effort.  More effort than just one person can do.


Let me explain.


I will arrive at your wedding with my Creative Director and Wedding Consultant, James, he has a HUGE responsibility during the day, and is the true secret to our success in wedding photography.


He makes certain that you look fantastic, every minute of the day!  He’s going to be helping you with your dress and flowers, fixing your veil before a photograph so it looks PERFECT, fixing your train so it is perfect for the photographs, etc.


Plus, he brings you a drink if you’re thirsty in the receiving line.  he finds your best friend from college if you ask for her.  He helps you in any way she can to assure that you have a wonderful day, as well as wonderful photographs.  And on and on and on.


We are a TEAM.  A team that together, guarantees that you not only have a great time on your wedding day, but also assures you of having PERFECTLY EMOTIONAL photographs!


The Magic Of “E.F.P” On Your Wedding Day!


You see, I don’t really look at it as “wedding photography,” but rather as “Emotional Family Photography created on your wedding day!”  It’s all the emotions, relationships and personalities of all your friends and relatives, captured in beautiful images for you and your family to cherish for the rest of your lives.  After all, isn’t that what you really want?


E.F.P.” is one of the major things that separates me from all the other wedding photographers in the area.  I want to capture the love, relationships, personalities, and emotions of all your family and friends for you to enjoy and view with happy tears in your eyes for years and years to come!

Aren’t The People and The Emotions Of Your Life What Matter The Most To You?


Because it’s the PEOPLE and the EMOTIONS of your life that are so valuable to you.  Yes, you’ll also see the beautiful dresses and flowers.  Yes, you’ll see the lovely ceremony, etc.  But more, much more than that.  You’ll feel the emotions that you and your fiancée feel toward each other and toward your best friends and family members on this magical day.  Yes, FEEL them each time you view your photographs.  That’s what I am driven to do for you!


You see, you want photography that “speaks” to you with love, emotion, respect, and the glorious feelings you will be feeling on your wedding day.


You want your photography to “tell the story” of your wedding day, AND your families and friends.

Most photographers, bless their hearts, just want to “record the event, and go home.”


I want you to cry when you see the photographs!  Cry tears of happiness, because in those photographs are all the people you and your husband love and care about – showing their real personalities and emotions like you never dreamed they would!


Most photographers just want to get home before midnight, or hurry to the next wedding they are photographing.

Don’t Miss The “Emotional Moments” Of Your Day Because Your Photographer Didn’t Have The Vision To See And Capture Them In A Sensitive, Romantic Way!


Your day will be filled with beautiful “Emotional Moments” that you will never experience again in your life. Those “Moments” are what I am driven to capture for you.



The Magic Moment When The Love Of Your Life First Sees You!

     Or the incredible moment when your fiancé first sees you in your wedding gown – perfect in every way – with your lovely flowers, the beautiful veil and headpiece – everything which you selected specifically for him – as the tears swell up in his eyes, and he tells you how very much he loves and adores you.


Don’t miss that moment!

A Magic Moment With Grandma

     Or, if you are lucky enough to still have a living grandmother, the lovely moment when she reaches up and puts her arms around you, and with tears in her eyes, tells you how beautiful you look and how much she loves you, and how proud she is of you.

     Don’t miss that moment!


I could go on and on.  Your entire day will be made up of brief, priceless moments like these.  Let’s make sure first of all that your day is so beautifully organized and planned that these moments truly can happen, and then let’s help you to be so stress free, but excited, that you can enjoy and remember these wonderful, magical moments for the rest of your life.


How do we do that?  I’ll bet you think I’m going to say that you do this through the photography.  Right? Wrong!  The way we help these moments happen, and help you remember them, is to help you have a wonderful, romantic and emotional day!  A day where everything goes perfectly.  As long as we do that, the rest will take care of itself!


Oh, if you ever talk with a photographer who says this to you, run away as fast as you can!


If he says, “Your photographs are all you will have after the wedding is over.  Your flowers will be dead, your cake will be eaten, etc. – but you’ll have your photographs! They are the most important thing about your wedding!” – then he’s NOT the photographer for you!


Why not?  Because if he says that, he has a completely false impression of his importance, and will try to run your day and take charge!  Don’t let that happen!  Because the photographs ARE NOT THE MOST IMPORTANT THING – the romance, emotions and relationships are the most important thing!

You can read what my clients, Jamie and Jarod Dalton had to say about their wedding on the next page…

Meanwhile, if you have any questions, or there is anything you wish to discuss, I can be reached at 216-524-2524.

Or you can e-mail me any time at

“Bill’s photography really captured all of those little moments that happened on our wedding day…

“We considered getting a videographer in addition to a photographer for our wedding, but after seeing Bill’s work, we knew there was no need for video.


Bill truly did tell our story.”

–Jamie and Jarrod Dalton

–Cleveland, Ohio

SECRET #7:  How To Be Assured That You Will Be The Most Beautiful Bride Your Friends Or Relatives Have Ever Seen!


You deserve to have a wedding day where you are the most beautiful bride any of your friends or relatives have ever seen.  That’s the dream of every girl when she begins visualizing her wedding day.  And you deserve to have that!


Let’s see to it that is exactly what happens!  How?  Simple. Yes, you will select the perfect dress, headpiece, veil, flowers, shoes, etc.


Yes, you will have your hair and make up done.  But it goes much deeper than that. You see, beauty is also in the way you FEEL on your wedding day.  The way your emotions show on your face, and the way you glow when you walk down the aisle and look in the eyes of the love of your life.


Many of my brides will understand this when I say it:  When you hire us to photograph your wedding, you’re really paying for James and I to be there, to take all the pressures and tensions out of the day for you.  You know that we are there, and that we truly care about you, and will help you with EVERYTHING so the day goes perfectly.  That’s really what our brides are paying us for.

Here’s what my clients (even after the wedding!) Lisa and Aaron Conrow, of Hudson, Ohio have to say:

“With his magical ability to capture in the moment, Bill was the obvious choice to photograph our intimate garden party wedding…

His creative eye and attention to detail captured many memorable moments that allow us to relive a day that passed all too quickly…

And when it came time to photographing our growing family, we chose Bill once again! He created so many wonderful photographs of us that we now have a dedicated ‘Bill Morley Wall’ in our home!”

–Lisa and Aaron Conrow

You see, if you, your husband (there’s that great word again!), and your family and guests are all having a wonderful time, you will be more beautiful than you have even dreamed you would be.  Because there will be no tension there.  And, by the way, your photographs will be WONDERFUL, too, because you looked so wonderful and were having such a great time.


See how it all “fits” together to result in a wonderful day, and wonderful photographs?  You really can’t separate them!

A True Tragic Story Of A Bride And Groom, And What It Means For You.


Let me take a moment to tell you a true story…


Several years ago, My photography associate, Charles Lewis, of Grand Rapids, Michigan, received a phone call from a woman whose wedding he had photographed a couple of years before.


Here’s what she said, “Bill, I just wanted to call you and tell you that our house burned down last night.”


He said, “Oh, Sharon, I’m so sorry.”


She said, “We got out okay, and are fine.  But I wanted you to know what I did.  It’s the middle of the night, and the smoke detectors are going off.  We grab each other and run for the door!  But I stopped and picked up our Three Volume Set of Photography you did for us on our wedding day!  I left the beautiful candelabra that was my grandmothers.  I left the family heirloom bible that has been in the family for 3 generations.  I left EVERYTHING, except those three volumes.  Because they are so meaningful to me.  Everyone who I love and care about is in those volumes.  I couldn’t let them burn!


“Now, I understood that you have the files, and could have made us another set of photographs.  That wasn’t why I ‘saved’ them.  I saved them because those volumes contain all the emotions, love, romance, and relationships that matter in our lives!  I just wanted you to know that.  Thank you so much for the wonderful, emotional photographs you created for us.”


When she finished speaking, she was crying, and so was Bill. She had just put into words, what I had not been able to for my entire career.

You see how “Emotional Family Photography” can make your wedding volumes absolutely PRICELESS?


In my humble opinion, the tender fabric of your life is sewn together with beautiful, emotional moments between you and your loved ones, and I want to capture and express all those wonderful moments for you in your wedding volumes – and accomplish this without interfering with the emotions and romance of your wedding day.

Here’s What To Do Right Now!


Here’s what I strongly recommend you do IMMEDIATELY!


Pick up the phone and call me right now.  Ask me if I still have your wedding date available.  Here’s the problem – because we are so well known and respected in the community, and because we ONLY photograph one wedding a day, and because we strictly limit our weddings to no more than 21 each year, it is very possible that we will already be booked for your day.

Here’s the phone number for my studio: 216-524-2524.   Remember, there’s no cost and no obligation just to chat with me.


DO NOT WAIT EVEN ONE DAY ON THIS!  If you agreed with and liked anything in this letter, call us NOW.  There is NO CHARGE AND NO OBLIGATION for this call!  Let’s just chat a bit, see if your date is still available, and then, if and only if you would like to, we can set up a time to get together in person and talk about your wedding.  There is no charge or obligation for this, either.

I Have A FREE GIFT For You, Just For Calling Us To “Chat” On The Telephone, As Long As You Are One Of The FIRST 37 Brides To Call!


If you call us, just to chat on the telephone and find out if your date is still available, we will send you, absolutely free, a copy of the wonderful wedding planning book entitled, “The EVERYTHING Wedding Etiquette Book.”  This powerful Guide walks you through all the major important decisions you need to know about concerning your wedding, to help it go really smoothly and beautifully.  Visit Here to find out more about this fantastic guide book!


Don’t wait to act on this.  A fantastic, happy, and stress-free wedding is just around the corner, and I’m ready to help you achieve it, as well as capture it forever on the magic of digital!

Please call 216-524-2524. You’ll be very, very glad you did!


Warmest Regards,

Bill Morley

Now, on the very next page, your will find the two exciting gifts I mentioned in my e-mail:


Here are 12 key questions to ask to find out if a person is truly “professional”, and not just some point and shoot “hack” operating “under the radar”.  

1)   Are they members of a longstanding professional organization, such as PPA or PPO? These organizations provide resources, such as liability insurance, legal counsel and ongoing education to photographers. They hold their membership to the highest level of excellence.

2)   Are they members of any longstanding local organizations, such as SONOPP? Local organizations provide education and involvement at the community level. Photographers interact with each other, discuss changes in the industry and form bonds of support.

3)   Do they ever enter their work in competition, to be judged by credited professional photographers?  What, if any, awards have they won? Competition is the single best way for a photographer to hone his craft. Submissions are judged for quality and most importantly, impact—in other words, does the photograph touch an emotional level?

4)   Are they known through local business and display their work throughout the community? This is a biggie here. It provides the strongest clue of whether someone is established and has a reputation.

5)   Are they “certified”? Certified Professional Photographer is a title given to photographers who have submitted their work to the board of PPO for critique to determine a high level of quality and craftsmanship. The title has only been awarded to a handful of photographers in the state of Ohio. Bill Morley is one of them!

6)   Who will photograph your wedding? (Many photographers try to become a booking agency and work with subcontractors to try to contract a large number of jobs) You will know that if you are not speaking with the actual photographer for your wedding.  

7)  Do they have references from happy clients whom you can actually speak with? Testimonials from real people (ones who you can speak with one-on-one) are important.

8)  What kind of equipment do they use and is there any backup equipment? (hint—a Canon “Rebel” camera with a pop-up flash is not intended for the professional!)  What about backup photographers? Who will photograph your wedding if they become incapacitated or cannot work on your most important day?

9)  Is this their full time job or do they have a “regular” job (and just do photography as a hobby on the side)?

Gift # 1:

It starts with a magical moment…finding the right person…creating a life together… creating memories….

My Gift to You!

As you begin planning the celebration of your life together as husband and wife let Bill Morley Photography capture your engagement as magical moments for you.

To the first 20 brides who schedule a consultation,  Bill Morley Photography is offering a complimentary engagment session!

It has been my life passion capturing magical moments that tell the story of couples as they begin their lives together. Often this story contains many intimate moments that might appear insignificant to an outsider. But to you, they have tremendous meaning; and the ability to always bring you right back to the people, the place, and the emotion of that day.

“Bill was totally unobtrusive and let us enjoy our day. What we liked was he didn’t just capture shots of Lisa and me, but many candid moments of our friends and family, who are the people we care about. Bill made posing and organizing the groupings a very easy process—he even had a lot of fun suggestions that captured us more naturally.”

Lisa and Justin Nelson

How do you know you will click

with the person behind the lens?

Many photographers offer a complimentary engagement portrait, but it’s only a few quick snaps. This is a fun, interactive portrait session up to one hour!  If you like, we can even go on location! It is a chance to experience the Bill Morley difference and build the rapport that is so essential in capturing the story of your wedding day. This session includes 1 8x10 portrait!


My fiancé and I are extremely pleased to have had our engagement session with Bill. The portraits capture both our individuality and how we define our relationship. We felt comfortable working with Bill; his courtesy and professionalism were wonderful!


Dani and Jeff


Please read on for Gift # 2…

Gift # 2:

After Your Engagement Session,

Enjoy A Night On The Town!

Compliments of Bill Morley Photography

After your Engagement Session, We’ll sit down and chat about your wedding and when it’s over, I’ll buy you dinner and a movie—yep, that’s right, it’s on me. And there’s no strings attached, and no obligation to book my services. If for any reason you don’t feel I’m the right person for your wedding, there will be no hard feelings and you can still enjoy your night on the town.

Now how does that sound?


Just pick up the phone and call me now—216-524-2524.


Columbus Ohio Wedding Bouquet“Bill, we received the HUGE album and it is absolutely amazing!!!  The pictures are so beautiful, I mean really beautiful!

I really love it—more than I ever thought I would!”

–Jennifer and Matthew Sweeney—Columbus, Ohio