Take one imaginative engaged couple, add a vintage automobile and some period attire, put them all next to a covered bridge and you get a pretty magical scene!

The idea was to strike some poses around the car.The bride-to-be even brought some props, like the antique camera she used to pretend like she was taking her fiance’s picture.

I really got caught up in the whole “period” thing and found myself thinking of that old Clark Gable movie; “It happened one night” with Claudette Colbert playing a rich heiress who jumps off the “caviar circuit” onto a cross-country trek with Clark, only the stars of this adventure were an Ashtabula Couple named Michelle and Jeff.

The groom-to-be was a bit shy at first, what with the suspenders and cap, but soon got into his role, becoming more confident as we went along.

Knowing that these special photo shoots don’t come along every day, I really took my time, pausing frequently to discuss new scene options with the couple.

Vintage Engagement Photography with antique car and covered bridgeThey really liked the idea of the covered bridge being in the photograph, so I took great pains to insure it was either it or the car was in the background. The large open sky made a giant softbox that scattered soft light across their faces and the weathered timbers made a great backdrop for the closeups.

At one point, I glanced from my camera’s viewfinder to check the pose and discovered, quite by accident, a really cool image. I had Michelle and Jeff intertwined about 10 feet from the Ford’s rear bumper when I spotted it.

It was almost surreal…

There was an image of their faces silhouetted in the window! The first thing that came to mind was “click the shutter”, which I did, several times.

When I walked over to show them, they were blown away!

You can plan things all day long but sometimes the best outcomes in life are totally unscripted.

Vintage Engagement Photography  with antique car and covered bridge

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