Elizabeth and I were discussing the best location for her engagement portraits. She asked me for suggestions and when she told me she was being fitted for her dress at Miranda’s Vintage Bridal in Tremont, and suggested that we start there.

Tremont, Ohio is a wonderful place for engaged couples. There are lots of trendy restaurants, that cater to more sophisticated tastes. And for photography, there are opportunities on practically every street corner!

I met up with the bride to be just after the alterations had been completed on her dress. There was a bit ofBridal Dress Shop in Tremont, Ohio panic when she discovered a rather large hole in the train, which was determined to have been caused when the dress was originally shipped. Miranda came up with a great idea for hiding it: sew an embroidered patch to match the existing pattern on the gown!

While I waited, I scanned the interior of the shop and appreciated the little details that Miranda applied for the authentic vintage ambiance. So I decided to start right there. There was a beautiful high back love seat where I could pose the bride with the fabric and dresses serving as the backdrop.. Elizabeth was in good spirits and I got some really genuine expressions from her as we began our session.

Jake caught up with us just as we left the shop. We strolled down the street while I snapped away, getting their playful interactions. There were a few doorways that were “calling to us” as well. When it’s bright and sunny, the shadows are a bit harsh, so the lighting has more diffusion under a canopy,, and that’s great for flattering faces and capturing the most detail on the dress.

We finished up back at the dress shop with a video on how they first met and fell in love. I’m going to add it to their slideshow and show it to them after the wedding. My clients really love this feature. They tell me that reviewing their engagement portraits is like reliving the day!

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