Become a BMP Senior Ambassador!

Senior portrait models


What is a Senior Ambassador?

A senior ambassador represents Bill Morley Photography during the span of one year time, beginning the summer after their junior year to their high school graduation day.  Only a select number of seniors will be chosen each year to represent BMP.  It is an honor and a privilege to be selected.  I wish I could take every submission I receive because I am sure you are all amazing individuals.


What does a Senior Ambassador have to do?

As a BMP senior ambassador your goal is to spread the word about BMP to your fellow seniors. Each ambassador will start off with 25 rep cards to pass out to their friends following their summer styled senior session.  The more bookings you receive from your rep cards, the more bonuses you will receive.  It’s simple.  The more you talk about your experience with BMP, the more likely your friends will want to book.


What do I get by being a Senior Ambassador?

Your one year term will start off with a styled shoot including professional makeup and clothing tips from me.  This will be a an on location photo shoot taking place in an urban setting and/or a nature setting..  After your session is complete and your photos have been retouched you and your parents will come to my studio for a consultation.  At that time we will discuss photo options for your rep card, look over all your photos and talk about the various products I offer.  All senior ambassadors will receive photography credits and other bonuses for referrals during their one year term.  


What do I get when my referrals book with you?

Throughout the course of your year term I will be keeping track of how many referrals you send to me. The higher the number, the more you will get.  Examples of senior ambassador bonuses include: deep discounts on photography packages, starbucks cards, movie passes, wall art and more.


This all sounds amazing… what are the rules?

It’s all very easy.  There are only a few simple rules to follow.  

1. You must try your very best in school.  You do not have to be a straight A student, but you do have to give 110% effort to your school work.

2. You must represent BMP in a positive way.

3. You must book at least 3 senior referrals before June 30, 2017.  


How do I become a Senior Ambassador?

Fill out the short form below and we will get in touch with you and a parent to chat. If you’re a good fit for our studio, then we’ll go over everything and get your first session started. It’s that simple!