Second time around? Don’t know where to start?

You’re not having all the glitz and glamour that you had the first time around. You’re not wearing the foofy dress with all the lace and bling. You want something simple–and a simple remembrance of it.

But photographs are important to you. Where do you go to find the right person?

These days, there are hundreds of people with cameras. Most of the so called “wedding photographers” are simply amateurs, working part time to make a little extra money. He or she will fire off a bunch of mediocre shots at your wedding, hand you a cd and say “have a nice life”. Not me.

With over 25 years of experience in photographing weddings, you will get much more than a “person with a camera”. I recently won the coveted “Best Bridal Portrait” award at the Mideast States Regional Convention. It takes years of education and hard work to reach that kind of achievement, and I will guarantee it will show in your wedding photographs!

Worried about budget?  Relax. You have options! When we talk, we can discuss the time frame of your wedding and physical product options such as albums and wall displays.

Everything will be tailored just for you, with your unique ideas and budget in mind.

Planning your wedding needn’t be stressful. You’ve been there and done that. With my service, you will get much more than a wedding photographer. You see, I just got married myself just a few short years ago. My wife, Karen did exhaustive research on the subject and can give you the scoop on the good bad and ugly. Consider us your resource!

And I network with businesses that cater to smaller weddings. From the budget friendly to the more elegant, I have some great suggestions on where to have your reception. Where can you find a beautiful bridal gown that won’t break the bank. My wife knows!

Need music? I have a great DJ for you who will stylize your music just the way you want AND ensure that your guests have a wonderful time!

How about a good makeup artist? I have a longtime associate who is “world class” (she recently did the makeup for President Obama!), yet very affordable. My clients tell me that she made them very relaxed and helped “de-stress” them. Many brides tell me that being able to enjoy their day is the most important thing.

It’s the same with all my other Wedding Pros that I recommend. Their number one priority is for you to be blissfully happy on your wedding day, not all stressed out and feeling like you’re going “bonkers”. After all, you’re investing time and money into it and the last thing you want is a bad experience.

So where do you go from here?

Give me a call right now, while you’re thinking about it. My direct number is 216-524-2524. We’ll discuss your wedding in detail. You can ask me anything you want–no right or wrong here. My goal is to help you in any way humanly possible.

Even if you’re not ready to decide, I can still answer your questions (not just photography).

So pick up the phone and call me. You’ve got nothing to lose and a whole lot of experience to tap into to help you on your way.

Let me help you find your way through the “maze”.

Give me a call right now at 216-524-2524.