When Patrick and Linda first came to my studio and mentioned an outdoor wedding I was pumped. I LOVE outdoor weddings!

But when they said it would be at a hotel, I said “Whoa, a hotel? Aren’t hotels supposed to be indoor venues? You know, with the chair covers and chandeliers and things?

Then Patrick described the gazebo and seating and I began to see the possibilities.

When I first stepped into the courtyard I knew this would be wonderful.

There is was, exactly as they described it: the stone steps, with the shimmering netting leading up to the ornate canopy where their ceremony would soon take place.

Patrick and his son, Ryan were busy putting the final touches on the decor and I grabbed some frames of them before they were aware of my presence; I love capturing moments like these, as a “fly on the wall” because, rather than getting those cheesey smiles, I want images that will tell their story.

Bride silhouette with flower girlI met Linda in the Bridal Room and got some nice images of her with the flower girl and ring bearer. I noticed her unique laugh right away, the way she just sort of threw her head back and gave this warm ha-ha-ha, that ony a died-in-the-wool curmudgeon would deny!

Then she asked me where the best spot would be for the “First Look” and without hesitation I said: “The Courtyard”!
The morning sun gave it a magical luminance. I chose my spot strategically to take advantage of the backlight on the bride’s veil as she approached her man at the top of the steps. I suggested to both of them that they meet halfway.

Gary seemed a bit apprehensive, definitely the shier one of the couple. But when I turned and beheld his lovely bride-to be for the first time, he beamed a smile that rivaled the radiance of Linda.

While they embraced, and talked with each other, I captured them. I photographed with my telephoto so I wouldn’t hear their intimate exchange; their expressions told the story and I made sure I got them all!


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