Marks of Time…

It might be the ringing sound of laughter, the rustling of satin or a moment of quiet, reflective stillness. These are what I like to call “magical moments. Unique markings of time filled with power and poignancy.

Let me tell you a little story:

When I was very young I became acutely aware of how fast the weeks seemed to go by, and how hard it was to remember one day from the next.

0075So one winter morning, sitting there at the breakfast table, my ninth grade mind decided to do something about it. I looked over at my little brother, held up my half eaten hunk of crusty bread and said: “Let’s mark time!” So grinning cheerfully, he held up his crumbling piece, touched it to mine and we “toasted” the occasion, laughing heartily.

We continued this little game of time well into our adult lives, marking all those little moments, such as bouncing across Seneca Lake on our family speedboat and the big ones, like after a long hike down to the foot of Yellowstone Falls, standing in breathless silence, gazing up at its’ magnificence. Those were truly our Magical Moments!

But even those moments have a way of being erased. Life gets in the way.

Lucky for you I now have a secret weapon.

In your ever disappearing present, where those brief, wondrous moments are being lived and then quickly forgotten, I can be working in your background. Marking Time, where elusive light and shadow whirl constantly together into Magical Moments, quietly capturing them so that throughout the rest of your life you can

Laugh about them, Savor them…

Toast them, as if they happened yesterday…

Your very own

Marks Of Time.

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