Pete and Rachael decided to have their wedding at the House of Blues, mainly because it fit their fun agenda. At the outset, Rachael told me that she was pretty laid back and trusted me to get the candid moments that would be so important to her.

 After the ceremony, we were directed to an upstairs room that was lavishly furnished with lovely drapes and a pit sofa. We immediately fell in love with the surroundings and the ambiance made for some memorable images. 

August 26th we were married at a church in Parma and then headed downtown for our reception at the House of Blues.  I really lucked out with finding/connecting with Bill.  He did a wonderful job, and was great to work with.  The church photos with family and friends turned out great.  They were exactly what I was looking for.  After church photos we then headed downtown.  Bill walked all over downtown with us.  He came up with creative ideas and suggestions along the way.  He was also very understanding in that we were not the most photogenic people.  Our reception photos were super fun!  He really captured some great moments.  Overall, an awesome experience.  

Downtown Cleveland is in the process of undergoing profound change. Sculptural “Cleveland” signs have been placed at key sites overlooking the downtown skyline and have become quite popular as “go to” places for photo ops. But on her wedding day, Rachel opted for a brisk walk around the square where I captured some spontaneous interaction with the couple.    

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