Farewell Party, then off to Japan!

Once again, I had the honor of photographing a momentous event for my clients, Linda and Bill Watkins. This time it was a  farewell party for the newly married couple, Jeremy and Linda’s daughter, Katie, who departed for Japan several days after to begin their new adventure.

Linda has several walls of her home dedicated to memories of her lovely family, and having professional family photographs displayed there among the fun snapshots she has taken with her “always ready” camera is really important to her. As a matter of fact, she wrote this to me shortly after the event:

Cookies with frosted hearts for farewell party“Dear Bill, thank you for a wonderful Mother’s Day gift of all the pictures!! They are beautiful. You really do a wonderful job. The pictures of Joey’s feet I felt like I could touch them. Kayla will love her sparkly shoes!! Thank you again so much!! I just wish more family had their pictures taken. I know it was their choice. The ones you took are beautiful!!!”

Linda Watkins
Richfield Ohio

I initially spent some time getting photographs of all the little details that Linda came up with, and then proceeded to get the action; spirited conversations among the adults–mostly about the travel and cultural details of the destination country.

And lotsa playful kids hamming it up!

The time I spent in the backyard was well worth it!

Child's hand in sandboxLittle Joey was deeply involved with sand. I snapped away as his chubby fingers swept through the sparkling grains, creating a smooth road for his toy truck to traverse. The girls were either on “home plate”, swinging at the boys’ impossible pitches or on the back porch, rearranging the furniture of the doll house.

Linda wanted some family groups with her daughter and son in law. I chose the front yard area of the house because of the soft light and best backdrop. I got great expressions from the adults, and with a little coaxing, the kids as well.

A farewell party to be remembered, with professional photographs proudly displayed on Linda’s wall!

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