For their business portraits, I recently photographed the office of the Advance Dental Center for their current marketing campaign. I was really impressed by their friendliness and hospitality; there were warm smiles from everyone!

Dr. Khramoy is one of the leading Cosmetic Dentists in Northeast Ohio. He specializes in the “gentle” approach to his patients.

Cosmetic dentistry is mainly focused on creating a positive change to a patient’s teeth and smile. I think it goes without saying that once a person’s dental problems are fixed, they will tend to smile a whole lot more!

Knowing they will be treated with kindness and care, the customers here actually smile on their way out as well IN the door!

Dr. Khramoy wanted the professional staff photographs to be created in the waiting room. So we arranged some chairs and I set up my lights to give everyone that special “sparkle”.

It didn’t take much coaxing to get great expressions and soon we had our “keeper” for the postcard mailing.

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