But in this case it poured sunshine.

When Monica surveyed the garden, with the empty chairs sitting in puddles, her heart sank. She had been planning a garden wedding for quite some time now, and The Crawford Auto Museum in Cleveland, Ohio was the perfect location.

The historic building is home to dozens of vintage automobiles, some of which are from the 19th century. Ancient portraits adorn the Victorian style mansion, making it a surreal background for bridal portraits. The arched windows upstairs spilled soft light onto the bride and groom’s faces, creating soft, moody shadows.

0350In spite of the dampness, the couple decided to have their ceremony on the veranda, close to the entrance, in case of a sudden downpour. They exchanged vows in the shadow of the immense gated portal, overlooking the garden’s dew kissed flowers and soft greenery.

Once again, the automobiles took center stage where the reception took place, on the lower level, lined up on all sides, sparkling with their polished chrome.

Just when everyone thought the weather had cleared, the lights dimmed, then went out, leaving the dance floor basking with a dim, eerie glow. Always ready for such emergencies, a power generator was quickly put in service, although it could only light a portion of the hall.

Someone from the wedding rustled up a battery powered boom box to get the music going, and soon the guests were moving to its’ beat. The neon glow, emanating from it provided a disco-like atmosphere.

At midnight, Monica and Eric gathered around the generator, along with the catering hosts, for a memorable photograph.

Years later, Monica looks back on her most eventful day with a tear, and a smile.


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