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Here is some inspiration that will add a new dimension to your bridal portrait ideas. Instead of the traditional engagement portrait, Janine opted for a more adventurous session that featured her dress. On a cool October evening, we met at Lakeview Cemetery, which was a pretty unusual place for her bridal portrait ideas to come […]

Bridal Portrait Ideas for capturing a moody look

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I sat down with nationally known makeup artist, Leslie Shayne Kohn to find out about her method for creating Janine’s bride makeup looks for a most unusual engagement session in a cemetery! Since Janine and her fiance, James, weren’t really into the typical engagement poses, and James opted out of it altogether, Janine decided to […]

Bride makeup looks for fair skin

Laughing red-haired bride with black gloves
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In a related blog post, I showed how the typical mugshot engagement photography can be turned on its ear to become a really powerful portrayal of the real you; you and your future partner together, in a unique setting, languishing in the joys of togetherness. And the place that you choose should be special to […]

Ashtabula Engagement Photography

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If you’re thinking of having a summer ceremony, having an Akron Art Museum wedding can solve a lot of logistical challenges; here, you’ll find everything you need all in one centrally located venue. Preparation areas for both you and your future spouse, outdoor as well as indoor locations for ceremony, family, and bridal party sessions; […]

Akron Art Museum Wedding Venue

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Let’s bust this “first look” myth! The first time that you see your life’s partner doesn’t have to happen at your ceremony! Here are some wedding first look ideas that may just inspire you to forego the traditional approach to seeing your future spouse for the first time. Over the years, there have been many […]

Wedding first look ideas that will inspire you!

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Do you cringe at the thought of being in front of the camera? Hide behind in group photographs? Worry incessantly about having the right “look” Here are 7 great tips that will help you overcome camera shyness in preparation for your wedding day! 1). Choose a photographer you like and plan an engagement session. Think […]

Overcome camera shyness for your wedding

bride worried about being in front of the camera
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Dancing with the dinosaurs This is another installment in my ongoing series of out-of-the-box wedding ideas, I’ve got a new one for you. This one features another all-in-one museum ceremony and reception, but this time instead of an art museum, we’re going to explore natural history–at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, of course! (just […]

Have your wedding at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History!

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